Low Cost Counselling in Dublin, Naas, and Mullingar

Low Cost Counselling

Low Cost Counselling

Addiction Recovery Ireland offer low cost counselling for all mental health related problems.  The charity offers counselling for addiction, both substance and behavioural, and broader psychological issues.  These include depression, anxiety, relationship problems, grief, stress, and much more.

How much does counselling cost?

Addiction Recovery Ireland charges €35 per hour for counselling.  For those experiencing financial difficulty, please contact us and we will try to work with you on individual basis.  Addiction Recovery Ireland commits to making counselling affordable to all.

What services offer free counselling?

There are some charities and organisation which offer free counselling in Ireland.  Please see our Resources page which details different services.  Often restrictions which apply with free counselling services including waiting lists, limitations to the number of sessions offered, engagement with student counsellors, etc.  Furthermore, certain organisations may use specific types of counselling only.

Group sessions and seminars

Addiction Recovery Ireland may off group sessions and seminars on an individual basis.  Contact for further information.

Letters of engagement and court reports

Addiction Recovery Ireland does not generally offer letters of engagement or court reports for clients.  Counsellors may choose to write letters of engagement or court reports for a fee and on an individual basis subject to approval from the charity.   This is for the reason that many legal institutions such as the family courts, the criminal courts, probation, the prison service, require people to engage in services such as addiction or anger management counselling.  As a result, there is a high demand for letters of engagement and court reports.

Inter agency Work

Addiction Recovery Ireland is an independent charity which provides addiction and general counselling.  In situations where clients are involved with other services, ARI generally do not get involved with inter agency work unless in special circumstances i.e: if the client is referred in by another agency and the express written consent of the client.  Also if attendance of a support person is required because of a disability, it will have to be discussed before hand with the charity.


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