What is CBT?

CBT or Cognitive behavioural therapy is a type of psychotherapy which attempts to help you manage the issues you are experiencing by changing how you think and react to situations.

CBT attempts to help you to challenge your underlying beliefs (such as “I am no good” or “I will never be able to…”) which is your ‘cognitive’ thought, and by doing so change the way you react to situations (your behaviour).

CBT works around the principles of prevention rather reaction as it can help you prevent negative thoughts and behaviours occurring in the first place.

Who is CBT good for?

CBT is effective in helping people who have a wide range of mental health problems ranging from depression, anxiety, self-harm, to addiction.

CBT is different from other forms of psychotherapy as it focuses on the present, rather than the past by offering solutions to cognitive (thinking) problems.

CBT is very effective with addiction as it gives the client practical techniques that they can use immediately.

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