We are delighted that volunteers have been introduced to the service by Liam Meade. All people undertake a food & hygiene training programme and certs have been issued to participants by Ashling Murphy of Foodcloud, who coordinates all food policy, in conjunction with FSA.

All volunteers would have a good knowledge of their residential geographic area and may at times interact through SVDP to coordinate actual deliveries etc. Food is dispersed to end users on the one criterion, that they are in-need and perhaps delving into desperate circumstances.

At present, the calibre of person involved in food distribution for ARI are, an accountant, some counsellors, construction workers, housewives, retirees, social workers, a postman, a mechanic, and all of the core individuals have all in-turn trained additional assistants to complete the function as good as them.

They are all caring individuals, who feel for their fellow man, and want to do their bit to help.

In addition, Addiction Recovery Ireland Ltd has been greatly supported by the Maynooth & Kilcock Lions (a registered charity group of business-people). Almost all of our annual running costs have been paid from fundraising, in conjunction with the Lions club.

All donations are greatly received and at present, ARI Do Not have any paid employees.


Currently, ARI Volunteers handle 29 weekly collections from : 11 Tesco stores & 18 Aldi/Lidl stores.

Tesco handled by: Liam Meade, Mary Lyons, Joe Doyle, Vasilli Marolad, Ruby White, Joe O Connor, Gavin O Brien, Dimitri Marola, Martin Lennon, Bechara Bachar, and Joe Sherwin

Aldi handled by : Liam Meade, Shea Treacy, Pat Burke, Tommy Agnick, Jason Grey, and Breda Byrne

Lidl handled by : Breda Byrne, Shea Treacy, and Joe Doyle 1


We greatly appreciate all the APP support system run by the staff of Foodcloud in Airton Road

We have applied to add additional stores at Finglas, Ballaghadreen, Kells, Dundalk and others as soon as we have suitable volunteer collectors trained and available.

We hope to upgrade our arrangements for vehicular transportation, refrigeration, and storage of food at all locations. We are in discussion with a charitable donor who has proposed, that we could get the use of one of their prior-used vans. Tesco have also agreed to enter our name for consideration, for the receipt of fridges, freezers, van or other suitable help. We appreciate all the help that we can get.